jewellery making

For more than 45 years, RMR has forged its style by marrying vintage european lines with modern minimalist accents.

jewellery making

For more than 45 years, RMR has forged its style by marrying vintage european lines with modern minimalist accents.

Family business

RMR was founded in 1975 by brothers Richard and Michel Rouillier in response to the lack of handcrafted fine jewellery in Canada. Authenticity has always been a fundamental value for us. The RMR team is made up of several members of the Rouillier family, spread over two generations.

Local creation

Proud of its Montreal origin, RMR helps to promote the local artistic culture through the expression of its jewellery entirely handmade. RMR is a proud ambassador of Canadian artisanal jewellery. Our factory is located in the Diamond District, also called Phillips Square, in the heart of downtown Montreal.

In addition to manufacturing exclusively in Montreal, RMR sources its precious materials from small local businesses and trusted suppliers. This brings major advantages in terms of customer service as well as a multiplier effect for the sustainable development of the Montreal economy.

comes first

Since the 70s, RMR has always based its business model on the quality of the pieces of jewellery that come from its workshop. The excellence of RMR products has enabled the company to maintain its production in Montreal in the face of an industry increasingly relocated abroad. Regarding our manufacturing, our graduate master jewelers have exceptional know-how that reflects our experience of nearly half a century.

We are proud to offer small scale production, which relies on small quantities of exceptional jewellery. Not because we love VIP waiting lists, but because we truly believe in quality over quantity. Our pieces are handcrafted as of yore, but designed to modern quality standards.

Materials & Ethics

The traceability of the precious materials used in the manufacture of RMR products is a fundamental value of the company. Therefore, RMR guarantees that its jewellery is handcrafted by master Montreal jewelers who use gemstones from non-conflict areas. Our high quality diamonds come from accredited and socially responsible ethical sources. We also guarantee that our jewellery is handcrafted, locally in Montreal by certified jewelers.

In addition, our trusted suppliers form a strong ethical supply chain. Our partners are required to source diamonds from conflict-free mine operators who meet international requirements in terms of working conditions, fair trade and the environment.


Each order placed with RMR is processed by a specialized jeweler who has the necessary technical skills to answer your most detailed questions on the spot. Since all our work is carried out on site and without any intermediaries, RMR is able to offer the fastest and most personalized service in the jewellery industry in Quebec. Exceptional and remarkably personalized customer service is the hallmark of our company.